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NiacinMax is a product that enhances the physical performance of the user and takes it to its peak level. But, before we go into the details about it, it is important to know about niacin first.

It is also identified as Nicotinic acid and vitamin B3.

The other components are not fully known. Niacin is the requirement of the body as it helps in emancipating the energy from the food that we consume.

It also boosts up the immune system, the nervous system, and the cardiovascular system.

It also increases the production of red blood cells. It improves digestion, skin tone and hair. Thus, it offers numerous benefits to our body that are joined together in the NiacinMax.

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What is NiacinMax about?

Niacin flush strips

It increases the niacin level in the body and is overshadowing all the other products that are available in the market and assure the provision of niacin.  It is available in the form of a strip which is an advanced way of utilization of niacin.

Different other brands are offering it in the form of a capsule which takes a long way to absorb in the body whereas NiacinMax makes easy the link into the blood stream and provides energy quickly.

It is placed under the tongue. By keeping it in mind, it is offered in a tasty citrus flavor. It is available in the pack of 30, 60 or 90 strips. A 60 strips pack offers 30 free which is the most popular pack, while a 90 strips pack offers 60 free.

Its delivery is fast with free shipping. It is accessible from the official Niacin Max website.

How Does NiacinMax Works:

It is a thin strip that dissolves immediately allowing absorption of niacin in the mouth and into the bloodstream. It does not leave harmful effects on the stomach.

Liposomes surround the niacin and are very much like the cells in our body. NiacinMax liposomes are particularly formulated by means of high amounts of the highest purity, phosphatidylcholine.

It keeps the cell membrane healthy and produces liposomes. So, niacin is protected and effectively absorbed.

Benefits That NiacinMax Offers:

  • It contains niacin in ample amount as compares to other pills and capsules. The main reason is that these forms have to pass through a system to reach stomach which can lower the niacin level.
  • When you place the strip under the tongue, it supplies an instant dose of 75 mg into the blood stream.
  • Increases hormones up to 600 percent which is subject to human growth. The consumption of niacin also increases oxygen supply to the brain.
  • Increases red blood cells that raise the energy level.
  • It is 45 times stronger than other niacin pills.
  • It is offered with 67 days return back policy.
  • It is available in the citrus flavor with a very mild flush.
  • It contains a larger quantity of niacin than other products. It can deliver up to 90% pure niacin into the bloodstream. Other products are capable of providing 10 to 15% of their active components.
  • It broadens the blood vessels that results in more flow of blood that is enriched with oxygen.
  • Its use is harmless, natural and legal. So, athletes can also use it as it contains pure vitamin supplements which they are allowed to use.

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How To Take NiacinMax:

take niacinmax

The intake is recommended early in the morning on an empty stomach.  This is to avoid the presence of fatty acid that can hinder the dispersal of niacin and the HGH (human growth hormone).

It has a restricted flush that refrains from uneasiness that one may face while consuming niacin. The best results can be acquired from the product by training 4 to 5 hours after the consumption.

You can also take another dose at night if you are working out 5 times a week but it must be 3 to 4 hours earlier before going to bed. However, you can also take niacin when you are not taking an exercise and get benefit from the higher HGH.

It is also important to get enough sleep while taking higher doses of NiacinMax as the HGH level reaches at its peak one hour after you are asleep.

Side Effects Of Niacin:

It does have any adverse effects and is strongly suggested. Although a niacin flush is experienced after taking the product.

What is Niacin Flush?

A peculiar sensation is felt on the body 5 to 7 minutes after taking the niacin.

The skin may become warm and red. It is usually felt around the neck and on the arms but it can also extend. It is harmless and almost all people face this.

Those who are familiar with this tingling feeling, they rather enjoy it. You will experience this every time you take this product. This feeling becomes less intense with the passage of time as your mechanism forms tolerance for it.

This flush is a symbol of proper working of niacin. It is sometimes accompanied with itching. All those who are taking NiacinMax do not face this. It is because of histamine.

This itchy feeling is also harmless and remains for a short period of time. If you take niacin with food, you can avoid the niacin flush.

It is because of the fact that fats that are found in the food obstruct the release of growth hormone. That is why it is suggested to be taken empty stomach. You can have an intense flush if you take niacin after a break.

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