Niacin Flush

Those of you who have had previous experience with niacin will be familiar with the famous Flush associated with it. Although harmless, it can surprise you if you’re experiencing it for the first time.

Considering this, Niacinmax is specially design to minimise this natural side effect.

What is the Niacin flush?

Once you take NiacinMax, in about a few minutes you will start to experience a itchy or tingling sensation in your body, specifically your face and neck. It is accompanied with a slight reddening of your skin along with a feeling of being warm.

It only last for about a few minutes and is a natural side effect. It simply means its working as Niacin dilates blood vessels and this is simply you seeing the effect with your own eyes. It will happen every time you consume the product but your body does build up a tolerance to it. Gradually over time the effects will get milder.

If you’re wondering why, unlike other products on the market, the flush isn’t delayed then this is simply a testament to the fact that NiacinMax is avalaible as soon as you consume it. A plus only NiacinMax can boast of.

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Over the years the sports industry has had many products that have gained popularity and lost it fast, simply because they were not tailor made to keep up with the demands of sportsmen. This field is tough and unrelenting and only the fittest survive.

Blood sweat and tears are given to get the desired results. The human body is a miracle of God, built to endure and then some. Athletes are well known to take good care of their bodies will only use the finest supplements to hone their skills and make themselves able to perform better than they ever could. In such a cut throat industry only the best of the best survive.

For this very purpose our product is the very best in this field and will surpass all standards, even of the most toughest athletes.
NiacinMax is the answer ever athlete has been waiting for. No more searching for a good Niacin supplement that is not only expensive but also has less supplement delivery and gives you a bad flush.

We are here to dominate this field and have come to stay. For those who are not familiar of why you should use our product, let me give you a little science lesson behind NiacinMax:

It is a fast delivery system of the supplement Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, it is one of the essential nutrient needed by the human body. It is known to lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Its primary function is to help the body convert carbohydrates into glucose, which the body uses to produce energy. It also helps the body use fats and protein. Niacin is needed for a good functioning liver and nervous system.

It is also needed for healthy skin, hair, and eyes. Niacin also helps in producing stress hormones needed by our body in extreme fatigue. Niacin helps improve circulation, and it has been shown to suppress inflammation, something athletes would greatly appreciate. Niacin has also been known to be able to treat erectile dysfunction as well as prevent diabetes.

Niacin also helps in formation of our body’s natural steroid and helps in formation of red blood cells. Athletes who take it have known to have greatly improved stamina and higher endurance.

Knowing all the benefits of niacin you’d think there are a lot of products on the market that will provide you with maximum niacin dosage but you are wrong. Many products are available that provide niacin but all are in either syrups or tablets form. These products have to go through your gastrointestinal system during which almost 50% of the product is lost.

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These products also have a delayed effect because they need to be absorbed before being available for the body to use. NiacinMax has been developed keeping all this in mind.

To provide you with maximum utilisation of niacin and fast effect, NiacinMax come in a strip that has to be used sublingually. Supplements taken through this route are well known to reach the body’s circulation immediately and have an almost 95% availability for the body to use.

This product has been carefully designed to give you the best possible utilisation of one of the most important vitamins of the body and to boost your performance to surpass all levels. It is a product to end all products in its category.

Benefits of NiacinMax:

• An effective delivery system of strips to be placed under the tongue, making sure you get the most out of the product. Almost all the niacin is directly absorbed to give you the boost you need.
• A fast effect. No need to wait for your body to absorb it. It is available from the minute it touches your tongue.
• A pleasant citrus flavour so no bad after taste.
• A very mild flush so you don’t turn beetroot red! Mild enough to be enjoyed, you would have to use it to belive it.
• It dilates your blood vessels to improve circulation and gives you the power to break through all your previous records. This also helps in washing out lactic acid, the chemical that causes cramps after your workout.
• It increases naturally produced steroids and red blood cells and enables you to train harder and longer than ever before.

How to use NiacinMax:

Niacinmax, being an innovative product has a different method of use than all other products on the market. It is best to take it early in the morning and on an empty stomach. This is because fatty food may hamper the uptake of Niacin and HGH. Each NiacinMax strip provides 75mg of niacin per strip.

Simply place the strip under your tongue. It dissolves in seconds and has a nice citrus flavour. Best results are obtained when you train 3-5 hours after taking it as this is when the effects of HGH release will be highest.

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